The Forever Purge review

The Forever Purge is a solid entry in the ongoing franchise for Blumhouse and Platinum Dunes. I originally was against anything Blumhouse for a long time, they don’t release original enough films for my taste. However, I have turned my initial thoughts on Blumhouse the past year and take them for what they are a popcorn enjoyable thriller horror department for up and coming directors to get their shot.

Now, back to the forever purge I had a ton of fun with this to my surprise because the trailer was underwhelming and this is why I try to steer clear of trailers as a critic.

It is an exquisite movie to have elaborate set pieces, who ever did production designs for The Forever Purge deserves a huge shout out. The acting legend Will Patton is an extremely pleasant addition to the franchise who have seen greats like Ethan Hawke and Frank Grillo (who is now one of my favorites action stars thanks to this franchise). I have a feeling The Forever Purge may turn off its audience for being “woke” when in reality science fiction and horror has always been woke and about the current climate of the political world.

Ana de la Reguera does an excellent job as Adela and should cement herself as a genre-actress fan favorite for years to come. The main thing about The Forever Purge is it’s knows it’s audience and doesn’t try anything original or fresh in this installment. Which is the major downfall of The Forever Purge, if you’re a fan of the franchise already you’ll be cheering and shouting throughout The Forever Purge.


Overall grade: 3.5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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