Kevin Can Go F___ Himself TV Review

Kevin Can Go F___ Himself is a unique freshly original sitcom thriller show that will be the most talked about new series of the summer.

Rather if you hate it or end up loving it like I did you can see why Annie Murphy was perfectly casted as the lead role. Now I am not sure if it was a decision made purposely by AMC to have this air during Mental Awareness month but it’s perfect for the shows plot for it to be airing in June.

The plot device in Kevin can go F____ Himself with half of it being a happy go lucky sitcom when Kevin is around can drive people nuts as it is there to show us the problems other people may have outside of the cookie cutter world of sitcoms we came to love. As we witness every time Annie Murphy’s character leaves the house it brings us in depth look of her social anxiety and which many suffer from including me this is hauntingly real.


This new series is absolute gut punch wake up call to people who push aside mental awareness and may have family members who have brought up anxiety and depression before but don’t know what to think of it like as if it were a generational thing, please check out Kevin Can Go F___ Himself it is an issue in your face like it was in 2019’s masterpiece Joker.

Overall this series will not be for everyone as it is heavy as hell to take in and not as light as Atypical or Speechless. However, Annie Murphy shows off some serious range in Kevin Can Go F Himself in a near perfect performance.


Overall grade: 5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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