Agnes Review- The sleeper genre hit of the year(Tribeca Film Festival 2021)

Agnes is the sleeper hit of the genre circuit this year directed by up-and-coming director Mickey Reece who also directed last years festival hit Climate of The Hunter.

He returns with another atmospheric knockout from start to finish. Its follow’s a simple enough plot about nuns and a former nun running away from her traumatic past trying to hide her demons.

While we have seen plenty of nun movies like Darren Lynn Bousman’s recent terrific, underrated St Agatha and Ken Russell’s all time controversial classic The Devil’s. It should be noted that Agnes is a monster of its own right, I brought those movies to Mickey in a recent interview and while he acknowledges those movies, he also wanted to something more along the line of Dead Presidents that shifts stories and fuses them into one movie. 

He does that fantastically here with the character of Agnes and her journey through the upbringing in the nun’s missionary then in the third act where it is Agnes trying to decide what future she genuinely wants to live in the world. Along side the scene stealing Sean Gunn (Guardians of The Galaxy, Tromeo and Juliet). Molly C. Quinn may give the performance of her career thus far as Agnes. In a triumphant sophomore effort from Mickey Reece, who now solidifies himself as a director to watch. 

Overall Grade: 5/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar

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