Agnes Interview with Director Mickey Reece & Actress/Producer Molly C. Quinn

We recently got to sit down with the director Mickey Reece and the actress/producer Molly C. Quinn about the new genre film Agnes premiering at the Tribeca film festival tonight, June 12th 2021.

AJ: Hey Mickey, thanks for joining me today. How long have you been involved with Agnes?

Mickey: I cannot even remember it has been so far back, I met Molly back in 2019 and we spent a few months writing a script. Oh, I remember writing the second half of the script in the summer of 2019 so around May 2019.

Mickey Reece director of Agnes

AJ: Molly this one if for you. What got you interested in coming on board for Agnes? 

Molly: My production company quagmire was looking for a script around that time. We wanted something different and unique, and they have just produced the movie Climate of The Hunter. From there the intrigue grew and grew. Especially the idea following a girl not knowing what she is doing but she is running away from her dealing with her demons so to speak. 

AJ: Mickey, what were some of your inspirations for this movie because of course people are going to go to The Exorcist and Ken Russell’s The Devils. 

The Nuns of Agnes

Mickey: There is certainly those movies, Black Narcissus Michael Powell’s film we wanted stuff like, and we did not also stuff like The Crying Game with shifting stories also with Dead President’s and that was the most interesting thing for me as far as influences go. 

AJ: Molly, this one Is for you. Going on your IMDB page you have also been involved with bigger projects. So, what was it is like going from that to being on screen and in command with your character?

Molly: That is a great question, first I loved it. I loved being so close being with our crew and I moved in with the character Agnes since 2019 and I was reading books on grieves on losing children and what to expect when you are expecting. It was an actor’s dream come true.

Molly C. Quinn is terrific in Agnes

AJ: This is for both of you, how was it getting Sean Gunn involved? He is an independent horror icon after working with Troma all those years back, so how was it working with him on set and in Agnes he seems like a natural leading man.

Molly: Mickey, I will take the first half of this answer. Me and one of my producers from quagmire knew Sean for 10 years. He was one of the first people I met in L.A. and when were reading the part we were hoping that if he was not too busy at the time, we should try to get him on board. And like you said with him working with Troma, he is down to do these crazy unique scripts and stories. He was game to sink his teeth in a quirky character again. 

Mickey: Yeah, he was such a treat to work with. He was super easy to get along with and be around. I love him. 

Molly: *laughs* Yes!!! We are all in love with Sean.

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