Censor interview with director and star Prano Bailey-Bond and Niamh Algar

We got a chance to chat with the amazing director and star of the new surreal horror film called ‘Censor’ Prano Bailey-Bond and Niamh Algar were terrific to talk to. Enjoy!

AJ: Prano, this question is for you- How did this story come about? I got a lot of 8MM vibes from the film. 

Prano: Yeah, it was funny a lot of people were telling me what movies I should check out this and that. I did not want to just in case this has already been done before. I did check out 8MM while it is a fascinating film it does have different vibes, but I can see the connection. The idea came about from when I read an article about the Hammer Horror era of film. They talked about how censors they cut the blood from women’s chest, because they thought it would get the males to commit rape. Will then I thought what get the censors are not going out and killing people. 

AJ: Niamh, I am curious to see what got you interested in doing this film because this is all you are commanding the screen, you have been in bigger projects as well like Wrath of Man and Raised by Wolves. What did you want to explore with this character because censoring all these grizzly and ghastly imagescan breakdown a person mentality as well?

Niamh: Yeah, I suppose it was I have not seen that character done before. I have never seen a film that has explored censorship and dealing with a character psychologically see where the character goes it was interesting for me to explore to see how broken characters are more interesting for me to do. That was such a draw for me as a character. 

AJ: Prano, going back to you. While this was at film festivals, I was getting this early buzz already that this was a must-see and cannot miss. When I watched it, I was blown away thinking that this will be a midnight movie cult classic in the making. So how has that early response been accepted by you? 

Prano: Well, thank you for that, I appreciate hearing what you thought of it. I mean it has been kind of a weird because all of it has been online after being Sundance opening night you do not know what people think and do not see the normal reactions because you are not in an audience together and it felt like through the internet I felt connected with the audience. Obviously, when we made the film, we set out for people to see it on the big screen I hope people will go watch it in cinemas when they have a chance. 

AJ: Niamh, how was it working with the actress who played Alice Lee (Sophia) in the third act because her performance was heartbreaking and almost too real to watch at times. 

Niamh: Sophia was wonderful, it was unique for her because she had to play an actress within a film playing an actress. It was this whole meta concept. She delivers such an extraordinary performance and you feed off that just like you said. 

AJ: This if for Prano, how did you write that final act like how Niamh said Sophia was playing an actress within a film sometimes that can be detrimental to a film and with Censor it benefits the tension and the performances. 

Prano: The way I approached the script you are always thinking of the characters journey and one time where I was writing the script I actually cried because I got so emotional you get so attached to the characters head and it’s so close to your heart on your sleeve and ultimately, it’s all about the characters and the other stuff is added in fun around it.

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