Infinite Review- a fun action blockbuster

Infinite is a movie filled with cool concepts but just never delivers on what it has going for it. A mix of regeneration believes and a type of superhero movie.

Someone once said a few years back that they hope Superhero movies go the way of Western’s did back in the day. That also means some will be so awful, some mediocre, some amazing, as well as offering us some hidden gems like Defendor and Super.

Infinite seems to be in the middle of the pack of ‘superhero’ movies as of late as it is not technically a superhero movie it has all the elements of one. Mark Wahlberg plays Evan a man who is an considered to be an “Infinite” which means he can regenerate to many different vessels of people having the soul having the same skill set he learned with that specific vessel overtime. Infinite’s cast of supporting players help the mediocre film out so much including a stellar Jason Mantzoukas who proves he could possibly lead an action movie, even if it is akin to something like 48 Hours. 

Chiwetel Ejofor does his best villain since Joss Whedon’sSerenity, one of the films many highlights through the uneven path it often takes. It is interesting to see a big budget film production such as Infinite going to Paramount+, however, through your time watching the film you can see why as expectations for numbers warranting a sequel may be slightly lowered. 

I do not think this would have made a huge impact on the big screen, though a lot more people are swarming to cinemas. In a year where the blockbusters are back in action it is hard to say how this movie would have performed. With digital streamers looking for their next big franchises paramount+ may have found theirs. 

Overall grade: 2.5/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar

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