Censor review- A Modern Midnight movie masterpiece

Censor is a midnight movie cult classic on delivery! One of those rare hard to watch movies that will have people talking for months on out maybe even years after it’s released. Perfect for Joe Bob Briggs to host on The Last Drive-In(even though Censor is not one of the typical movies he plays).

It will find its niche audience very quickly. The tension runs high almost going 0-60 in a second after the opening credits. Prano Bailey-Bond makes an excellent directing turn here almost combining 8MM with the video nasty’s world. This one is real white knuckle thriller.

Running at a lean 84 minutes it’s highly impressive what Prano Bailey-Bond and Anthony Fletcher do with Tbilisi script. Keeping it as tight and smooth as they do here is second to none. I can not stop raving about what Prano Bailey-Bond has done with this midnight movie masterpiece. One day I hope Shudder picks this up for streaming as it is tailor made for that streaming service.

The cast is absolutely perfect here as well, including a knockout performance from the lead actress Niamh Algar(Raised by Wolves, Wrath of Man) that rivals the best of them. Sophia La Porta gives a heartbreaking performance as the victim Alice Lee that is all too real to watch.

The villain played by Adrian Schiller will send shivers down your spine Lone after the end credits roll. Overall this is an instant midnight movie masterpiece that will have an instant cult following.

Overall grade:
5/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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