Caveat review- The Irish Saw

If you are into psychological thrillers and do not want a lot of gore, Caveat is the movie for you. Now streaming on the legendary horror service Shudder.

Caveat is Ireland’s answer to Saw. It is phenomenal at creating raw atmospheric tension that we grew to love from the original Saw, is an under looked classic of horror who most often confuse with the future torture porn the sequels elevated upon, however, the original Saw was strictly psychological terror much like Caveat is here.

Shudder to me is often the place for the glorified lifetime movie of the weeks for horror fans with some mundane productions that does not have the quality they want you to believe they do. With this film it flips the script on that stance, at least with me. The score in Caveat also works as another villain in the film as well, which makes it that much more suspenseful. 

The acting is also very solid from its two leads, Jonathan French delivers a strong commanding performance that rivals Cary Elwes in Saw. Leila Sykes also gives a breakout performance that will blow audience members away around the globe which will get her much more work, I am sure. Damian McCarthy gives his all as the films director and creates a masterclass where fellow filmmakers could take notes on how to make a great movie out a low-end shoe-string budget.

Overall Caveat is a solid outing for anyone wanting to give it a shot on Shudder, it is a modern top tier slow burn psychological thriller. 

Overall grade: 3/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar

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