King Kong(1976) Blu- Ray review

Scream factory is notorious and spot on for the type of films they release on Blu-Ray and sometimes 4K, they have a unique niche. They range from releasing Mac and Me to John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness.

The 1976 version of King Kong is no exception to what they have put out this far. It is a polarizing adaptation and I remember it being the worst adaptation of King Kong when I first saw it as a kid and almost falling asleep during it. While it is slightly better than I remember it being its not great at all as a story. The special effects are where this version really shines.

What is unique about this collectors’ edition is that it comes with two versions of the film including the television cut that is a staggering 182 minutes long and if you complain with how long Avengers: Endgame or any Zack Snyder film is I suggest you steer clear of that version of the film. I myself have never seen that cut of the film though I am interested on making an afternoon of it someday in the future. In my opinion Jeff Bridges is the only one in this version of King Kong that tries to elevate the poor script. 

When we look at collectors’ edition Blu-Ray’s we typically look at the supplemental special features on the list because that is how we determine if it is well worth while. Which features a new 2K scan of the additional tv footage, restored theatrical audio radio and tv spots, theatrical trailer and still galleries. If you liked this version of King Kong I would say this Blu-Ray is well worth your while and money for an upgrade as Scream Factory outdoes themselves again with the audio and picture transfer.

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