A Quiet Place Part 2 Review- A Stunning and phenomenal sequel

When we first introduced to the scene on A Quiet Place 2, it looks like a typical summer sunny day in the afternoon all is well and John Krasinski’s character is on his way to the grocery store to pick up a few items seemingly for his family. The TV is on in the convenience store people are confused looking at the screen trying to figure out what it is going on. Is it or bomb or some sort of attack?

Then we see Lee Abbott get back in his car we see there is in fact a baseball game going on for his son’s little league and while easing the crowd getting us to ground zero so to speak then it happens out of nowhere, fire in the air looks like an air strike and everyone scatters home and away from the ballfield. Here is when we get our first good glance at the monsters that were so cool in the original and are equally cool here.

Then we see the timeline skip a few beats as it picks up right after A Quiet Place ends which is nice to see from a sequel that does not try to reset anything or put it so far in the future that we must play catch up with the family and what has happened previously. So here we are with the Abbott’s trying to pick up the pieces of Lee’s deaths aftermath. Evelyn takes Marcus and Regan down the street to a warehouse that seemingly is vacated. As a monster follows them on top of the warehouse, we are introduced to Cillian Murphy’s character yet again named Emmett. Another thing that sequels love to do is boost the cast by adding bigger names to the list of stars, luckily Krasinski kept it grounded with his choices of the cast including newcomer to the franchise Djimon Hounsou who is a terrific actor.

John Krasinski uses his set pieces very well and comes across as a veteran director here, we know he directed a few episodes of ‘The Office’ and has done a couple independent films including the hidden gem The Hollars’. His use of the scenery and the camera lenses makes it look like a Coen Brother’s film. Especially, with his techniques of tense moments followed by stretches of silence and waiting for us to be scared again and again. John cements himself as the real deal with A Quiet Place Part 2 and I can not wait to see what he does next, hopefully one day soon he could do a Marvel or DC movie. If you were a fan of the original A Quiet Place the sequel is on par with it if not better. It never misses a beat.

If you are worried about this being just a plot device for future spin off developments and franchise building. You do not have to worry about that with this sequel as I did read the rolling stone review and they mentioned that, and I did not see it at all. Overall, it is a worthy sequel that should be watched multiple times. 

Overall Grade: 4/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar

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