Cruella review- Disney’s attempt at a Joker for kids?

Cruella, is it Disney’s attempt at making the famous villain a Joker type origin story for kids? It certainly does feel that way.

When you see it as an adult rather you take your kids to see it or if you are just viewing it as an adult that grew up on the Disney classic cartoon 101 Dalmatians like me. It is an interesting take on the character we know. However, while this movie may be flawed it is still a great time.

Emma Stone is the titular character Cruella De vil who grew up known as Estella. This is a perfect back story for her character that is beautifully written out by Dana Fox and Tony McNamara who knew exactly what this movie is supposed to be, and they give the cast plenty of one-liners that also help the dueling Emma’s (Thompson and Stone) chew up the scenery perfectly together. There is surprisingly a lot of character depth to this kids’ movie that is missing a lot from Disney live-action reboots or Disney live-action films in general.

Mark Strong is remarkably likable in his role giving his character redeeming qualities throughout Cruella. The scene-stealer here is Paul Walter Hauser (I, Tonya, Richard Jewell Da 5 Bloods) who makes the most out of his one liners. Joel Fry (Yesterday, In the Earth) is someone looking to breakout in Hollywood and may have found his breakthrough performance as the charming Jasper. 

Back to the point of rather or not this is Joker for kid’s and yes it very well may be but not necessarily because of horror elements. Instead, because the striking back story to the villain we grew up loving. This movie will not turn you off by any imagination. It is the perfect family movie to watch rather on Disney+ Primer Access or in Cinemas which ever you feel safe with doing, the kid’s are going to love Cruella.

Overall Grade: 4/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar

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