Alyson Richards interview for ‘The Retreat’

We were lucky enough to speak with the writer of the new horror slasher ‘The Retreat’ which is out now on VOD platforms. It’s a hidden gem in the slasher genre right now.

AJ: Well Alyson, thank you so much for joining me at infamous horrors today how did you get involved with ‘The Retreat’ 

Alyson: The original idea came from many years ago while me and my wife went away on a beautiful retreat out in the middle of nowhere and when we got there, we never saw anyone there, but we always felt like we were being watched and there would be these little notes left for us. Breakfast baskets and I have an effective imagination and I was like who are these people are they watching all the time? Do They mean us harm? Do they mean us no harm? And that is how it started out.

AJ: And a lot of troupes in horror movies as been the female characters has not always been resourceful as they are in this movie, is that one thing you wanted to flip the script on in The Retreat so to speak? 

Alyson: 100 percent, that was important to me that they were resourceful, and they were not the not damsels in distress and I wanted both females to be resourceful and not have the other one be the damsel in distress having each unique skill sets they can bring to the table to even things out for each other.

AJ: And how do you write characters and their background stories in scripts how in depth do you go? Also, for secondary characters for people starting out what advice would you give them? 

Alyson: For me, the characters that tend to be easier to write are the ones I spend more time with and making sure their actions in the moment make sense and even for the smaller characters I have backstories like where they grew up what do they do for a living and make them three dimensional and flush it out more. The advice I would give is to spend time getting to know your characters. 

AJ: When you and the casting director got together how was the casting process like because The Retreat relied heavily on the couple so how was it getting the couple casted. 

Alyson: That was definitely the biggest challenge, we cast the Renee character first and we did chemistry pairing then we made a shortlist for the Valarie’s we were interested in and that is how we got the casting done on the couple. 

Alyson Richards writer of The Retreat

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