Seance Review- Mean Girls at a Seance

Simon Barrett of V/H/S fame makes his directorial debut with this stylish slick and funny horror movie called Seance.

Simon makes a terrific debut in the directors’ chair; we already know as genre fans he is a fantastic writer and has plenty of hits even if you are not a found footage fan like me. Simon makes a horror here that is like Mean Girls goes to a private academy and has a seance to summon a ghost and it goes awry from there.

Suki Waterhouse is an absolute delight in this movie, and she gives a knockout performance, she will be a beloved female character that genre fans will talk about long after the credits roll in Seance.  Seamus Patterson makes a formidable villain as Trevor a typical horror troupe sociopath killer. However, his performance elevates his character. 

My main gripe with the movie is the score often sounds flat and the audio of music often sounds like its fading in and out. Which may be budget issues not being able to afford songs for long use. Other than that, Seance is a serviceable horror film that will make fans happy. 

Overall Grade: 3/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar

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