Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K review- a gory fun time

Marvel’s MODOK is a surprisingly gory and hilarious time that breathes a little fresh air into the theme park ride of Marvel that may cause some to have superhero fatigue.

This is Marvel brought to us from a supervillain’s POV, think Dane DeHaan’scharacter in Chronicle. For Hulu it is a big risk of bringing a Claymation animated Marvel show to its streaming service. This is much more aimed towards Adult Swim lovers.

The voices are perfectly casted from Patton Oswalt as the titular character Modok to Jon Hamm’s scene-stealing role as Iron Man (p.s. Marvel if anyone were to replace RDJ as Iron Man, Jon is a great choice). Ben Schwartz is perfectly cast as Modoks oddball son that does nothing but push people away by being huge into Magic.

Marvel’s Modok serves well for us genre fans that want a little comedy with our gore, though its not horror… Obviously. It will be an awesome time for anyone that misses the glory days of Audlt Swim animation style cartoons. Even if you are not a fan of Marvel’s stuff in general you may be willing to give this a fair shot as it is only 10 episodes long and less than 30 minutes each.

Overall grade: 3/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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