Fall River(TV) review- Addictive true crime docuseries


Fall River is the most addictive limited series true crime has to offer outside of Netflix, all four episodes of Fall River never seem to be repetitive which seems to be the downfall of so many true crime docuseries. After the second episode they just reword the same episode over and over. Fall River does not do that here, which is refreshing.

During the height and hype of the satanic panic backdrop of the late 70s and 80s, director James Buddy Day does a fantastic job of keeping the tension coming in high at every twist and turn of every episode. Also produced by genre giant Jason Blum. Fall River has an authentic feel to it that makes it almost cinematic.

Carl Drew

The series focuses on the killings surrounding Doreen Levesque, Barbara Raposa and Karen Marsden. Sadly, Marsden was the oldest victim at age 20. Carl Drew was 24 years old while being the top suspect of these gruesome satanic ritualistic murders. It was interesting seeing him being interviewed now in Fall River to address the situation and what happened. 

What makes Fall River shine is a mix of re-enactments, archive footage and modern interviews with people still alive that were involved in the case one way or another. It is a harrowing and unsettling true crime docuseries that deserves to be seen, especially if you are interested in the satanic panic that happened around this era. 

Overall grade: 3.5/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar

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