Son Blu-Ray review

The Blu-Ray release of the RLJE Films and Shudder movie Son is finally a great one. Sometimes they don’t have the best audio or video transfer while releasing dvds.

However, the sound transfer for Son is worthy of a purchase if you’ve enjoyed the film to begin with. Or if you don’t have Shudder and are willing to pick this up because it’s a solid all around from Luke David Blumm to Emile Hirsch’s performance.


Including the incredible atmosphere that the film delivers. It’s the best RLJE Films and Shudder joint release since The Color out of Space in my opinion. It’s a lean stylish film as well and a knockout from the director Ivan Kavanagh. The picture transfer is also solid but the movie itself is very dark so your not exactly going to see a lot of bright colors pop out at you.

Overall it’s a good transfer job by the producers of the Blu-Ray release and well worth your time. Especially if you love collecting physical media and don’t have shudder or AMC+ package. Buy it! The only thing bad about the release is the deleted scenes selection as some feel like a blooper reel instead of deleted scenes.


Grade: 3.5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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