The Water Man Review- a gut wrenching look at a families grieve with leukemia

The Water Man is surprisingly a gut wrenching touching young adult movie with horror themes that the adaptation of ‘A Monster Calls’ wanted to be when it was made.

Even though A Monster Calls is satisfying on its own merit. The Water Man is on a different level when it comes to kid and family entertainment. At first, I was not going to review this for Infamous Horrors at first glance after the trailer made it seem more run of the mil family drama dealing with cancer.

Then once I started the water Man, I was floored by it and the grieve the kid was going through carrying the movie and dealing with his moms’ leukemia and trying to solve the mystery of the water man folklore to see if he can save his mother making this an Adventure movie for kids mixed with a creature feature towards the end that will even delight parents. 

A lot of reasons why I love covering horror movies while most shrug them away is the fact that they can have multiple metaphors within the subplots and give people deserts with vegetables so to speak. Lonnie Chavis is so freaking delightful to watch as Gunner it will pull at your heartstrings at all the right places. David Oyelowo possibly gives his best performance since The Paper Boy. Also does a fantastic job directing The Water Man. In surprising fashion that will make you think he is a veteran director behind the camera.

Overall, The Water Man is the perfect family movie, to bond over at the cinemas while its taking advantage of the pandemic and playing on select screens please see it on the big screen, the monster at the end needs to be seen on the big screen as it is fantastic to witness the design and makeup the production design team also did a bang up job with The Water Man. 

Overall grade: 4/5 stars 

Written By: AJ Friar 

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