Darren Lynn Bousman interview for Spiral- Chris Rock, favorite moments of Saw, 48 Hours and Se7ven

This past week we were fortunate enough to interview horror icon Darren Lynn Bousman for Spiral: From The Book of Saw to discuss his return, Chris Rock and the whole cast, also more ideas of Jigsaws mythology if we’re lucky enough for more entries. It was interesting in the phone conversation he brought up Angel Heart which my signal was to bad to complete and in the email version he brought up 48 Hours I suggest you check out both.

1)What got you interested in joining the franchise again?


Darren Lynn Bousman: well, that’s a very easy question that’s Chris Rock when Chris Rock calls you answer from Chris Rock tells you he wants you join I wish there was a cooler better answer but that is the real answer you know saw to me how to way that it could be fresh again and I think that fresh with a new voice and that voice is Chris Rock so that is why I rejoined the franchise. 



2)After hearing that Chris Rock loved the franchise and wanted to do his own fan fiction for Spiral how did you react?


Darren Lynn Bousmann: I’ll tell you my initial reaction was Chris who not in a million trillion years that I think it was that Chris Rock when I heard that Chris was interested in the movie I just didn’t put that together they were talking about that Chris so I my first reaction was who was Chris not thinking it possibly could have been him and they were like yeah you’re in that dress and then when I met him and I realized that he was not just doing lip service that he indeed was a fan of this off franchise I geeked out hard and then I talked to him and he truly absolutely was a fan and I just sat with this guy and I heard him talk to me about my movies and I was like he gets it and this would be a great partnership so we  got together and made Spiral. 


Chris Rock kills it as Zeke, one of his careers finest moments

3) The whole cast was phenomenal of course, but how was it like watching Max and Chris chemistry bounce off each other especially in the final act?


Darren Lynn Bousman: So Max and Chris and I all just became really good friends and you know we would talk about the scenes in advance you know we would sit there we talk about them we make sure that we were on the same page and then once we confirm that you know yes we are on the same page he would just go for it and I think that they were both really great and adapting where if something wasn’t 100% working or something just a little off we would shoot the scene again and there was a couple of times where we did that where we had new ideas that we wanted to try and we went in and we did those ideas so it was fantastic working with both those guys.

Max steals the show in Spiral


4) What were some of the inspirations for the set pieces for Spiral? A lot of people have been going to Se7en from the vibe the trailer gave off. 


Darren Lynn Bousman: Yeah, you know when Chris and I first sat down and talked we had two reference points and it was 48 hours meets seven you know and when I went back and watched 48 hours again recently it’s not the movie I remembered I think I thought 48 hours is a comedy but it’s really not it is a graphic balls to the wall cop drama violent with moments of levity provided by any Murphy and I think that’s what kind of Chris wanted in this and I think it’s exactly what it is it became 48 hours means 7 specifically Jordan Oram the cinematographer and I really spent a lot of time talking about how we wanted the movie to look and seven was a huge influence for me I wanted that new orange kind of look but we went for heat as opposed to rain you know in in seven they use rain in this we use heat so he was a big a big driving force in the way the movie looked. 



5) I personally loved the call back to the original Saw with Jigsaw and now we also have a very timely message here. Especially after the past two years we’ve seen a lot of people’s true colors in quarantine and with corrupt cops. Do you think this message will resonate more now that it isbeing released at this time?


Darren Lynn Bousman: we made this movie before you know everything that you’re seeing with Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and the protests and the rioting the black lives matter that said you know it was going on than as well when we shot it in 2019 sadly so it’s not a new thing nor is using cops in the saw movies cops have been used in the saw movies since saw one saw one you know Side Story was a cops all to the Side Story was a cop in fact most of the salt films use side stories as the cop the difference this time was we made them the a story we said instead of making the background let’s put them in the foreground it was really important as well for us that if we were going to use cops as a central piece it was critical that they were the hero as well as the villain so it’s not just villainizing police officers it was critical that the main protagonist was a was a cop as well played by Chris Rock Zeke character.



6) We know Leigh and James Wan kind of gave birth to this franchise, but you also raised it up to what we know love. What have been some of your favorite moments and characters? 


Darren Lynn Bousman: you know one of my favorite moments are my favorite people to work with outside of spiral was Tobin Amanda saw three to make to me is my favorite of all my saw films I think that that film to me has the most emotional weight to it because you really got to see what made Tobin Bell’s character John Kramer tick and you got to see that relationship through Amanda I just loved the relationship since all three so I think that is probably my favorite characters just working with Tobin Bell is nothing short of fantastic.



7) If there was an idea or mythology of Jigsaw you wanted to visit in the sequel to Spiral, what would you like to see be tackled next? 


Darren Lynn Bousman: If we’re so lucky enough that the fans want to see a sequel which I truly hope they do you know I think that we will continue to explore the corruption of institutions not just this institution there are numerous institutions we just happen to choose the police force we just happen to choose the police and this one however there will be more institutions as we move forward shipment or please and more what so that would be my answer on that it’s just you know whether that means big pharma big banking religion we know there’s a million of these that we could choose from.

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