Profile review- A tense white-knuckle thriller

Profile is one of the tensest movies of the year featuring a true story about a journalist trying to infiltrate ISIS. Sounds surreal enough right? Let alone that it is directed by Timur Bekmambetov who is known for his cult classics Night Watch and Day Watch films.

All that put together it is filmed in the same way that ‘Searching’ was all on a computer screen point of view. I think personally that adds an added tension to everything going on because you cannot see the characters surroundings. Its like a more stylish way around the found footage genre.

Timur does a fantastic job creating the white-knuckle thriller we have been waiting for. Profile also works around its two lead characters following the examples set by found footage staples before it, if you have believable actors and captivating characters it will put right into the story. Shazad Latif does an incredible job as the menacing ISIS character that will have you nervous af throughout the entirety of the film. 

Valene Kane is the main reason why this film works; she is very charismatic as the journalist that will do anything to get a story. Her character Amy will have you torn on what to think of her and Valene pulls it off multiple times where you will literally scream at the screen saying, “Oh Shit, Oh Shit, Oh Shit!!” and “WTF!!!” There are plenty of moments that you will want to throw up your hands at Amy and just ask why?

In the end Profile is perfect on the big screen with a big crowd in a dark setting to see everyone’s reaction. Unfortunately, we won’t have a full theater for a while but I hope when theaters are at full capacity and when they can start showing more times for movies instead of just three and if you are lucky a fourth showtime. Profile will blow a lot of people away and become one of the more talked about movies of 2021. 

Grade: 5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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