Riders of Justice- A Tour de-force Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen is one of the most interesting international actors working today in Hollywood and overseas. Once you think Hollywood has him type casted for playing Hannibal over and over, we got him in Doctor Strange, Polar, Artic. Overseas he has been Oscar nominated movies such as The Hunt and Another Round. Riders of Justice is no different. This showcase Mads range as an action star and hero.

One thing I used to have problems with when I first started out reviewing movies, especially international and foreign movies was picking up on the tones and subtle nuances that you really got to know the area and meanings on slang that they use in Riders of Justice as well. However, it is not that much of a struggle to pick up here as this is a more emotional version of the American thriller ‘Nobody’ that came out earlier this year.

What Mads does here should get him a lot of award talk when award seasons, his intensity shines in Riders of Justice as well as his range of emotion through his facial expressions never fail to hit you in the heart. He is the heart and soul of the movie indeed. However, the rest of the supporting cast are no scrubs as well.

Lars Byrgmann gives a phenomenal performance that will be talked about for years as he often steals the scenes from Mads Mikkelsen. Nicolas Bro also brings some much-needed comic relief to the tense revenge thriller that will floor the audience with his pitch perfect delivery.

Overall Riders of Justice will satisfy a lot of genre fans even if it is not a horror film per say it still packs a punch of plenty of violence and tense action sequences that often proves foreign thrillers are better than its counterparts in the States. Also, you cannot go wrong with a kick ass Mads Mikkelsen.

Grade: 4/5

Written By: AJ Friar

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