The Djinn interview with directors Justin Powell and David Charbonier

We recently got to sit down with(virtually…) the directors of the new IFC Midnight horror movie The Djinn. It was a very insightful and entertaining interview. Hope you all enjoy and the movie In Theaters, Digital and On Demand on Friday, May 14th.

AJ: How Did the Djinn all come about?

Justin: We had another movie back in 2018 that got pushed and we promised to each other that we would make a movie this year and put together all of our resources and we were lucky enough to find Ezra in another movie audition so we were like I think he’s available and lets make a movie around and everything was like us working backwards which was a unique experience that we never really had to work with before but it worked out for the best I think.

AJ: David, do you have anything to add?

David: Laughs No, I think he got it.

AJ: And there is a lot of mythology and folklore to the Djinn’s character is there anything you wanted to explore while making this your own as well?

Justin: A lot of the adaptations we’ve seen normally came out of middle eastern culture and we wanted to see if any djinns were affiliated with other cultures or the occult and we wanted to explore that a little big more and fresh takes that aren’t talked about in media that doesn’t give away too much of the movie.

David: I feel like you are about to give it away *laughs*

Justin: Yeah, don’t want to give away too much one of the things the Djinn does throughout if you have seen the movie, you’ve seen what were talking about and it’s a big thing, we wanted to tackle in the lore we explored as well.

AJ: Another thing I appreciated about this take is that the main character was mute and did not have a voice, it turned out to be something like giving voice to the voiceless. Was that a message you guys intended on exploring?

David: Originally, it did just start off with us working around our limitations. We were shooting in a small apartment and we did not want to make too much noise on set. You know, having a kid terrorized throughout the night we wanted to be respectful to our neighbors and surroundings. The story developed it turned into something special to it and having inclusion in the film is particularly important to us. At the same time, we did not to perceive his muteness as a weakness, but he thinks of it that way in his shortcomings, he is still very capable and smart on his part throughout the film.

AJ: Yeah, its almost like a be careful what you wish for and the grass is not always greener effect.

AJ: Again, back to the filmmaking process, you already alluded to not wanting to be too loud on set. Was there anything you wanted to shoot in The Djinn but could not do to time constraints or budget issues with this being a low budget film?

Justin: There were originally some more of The Djinn in its true form more than what you do see in the movie and that was due to the limited resources and that was not do to the time constraints, but it was due to the budget. So, we had to make some last-minute alterations to the story in order to accompany that where it was it limitations leads you to make compromises that works out to our benefit in the long run.

David Charbonier
Justin Powell

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