Wrath Of Man review- Brutal and tense revenge thriller

Wrath of Man is a return to form for both, Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie. In one of the best heist films in decades, quite possibly since Heat (No not the Sandra Bullock movie) the one with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Yes, I am calling this a tense af instant classic. This dark and brutal heist/revenge movie is up there with movies about the cartel’s when it comes to its bluntness on its on brutality.

If you ever wondered what it would be like for Guy Ritchie to direct a hardcore action film without his comedic tone underneath it all, you will be pleased with how Wrath of Man turns out! This is also one of Josh Hartnett’s best roles ever and we will get to more of that later in the review, but he is a scene stealing badass here.

The production design by Martyn John, makes you feel like your right there in the movie when the heist is going down from the jump. Everything from the companies’ headquarters to the armored trucks. Martyn John knocked this out of the park and probably will not get enough credit as he deserves making this look like a slick sophisticated crime revenge thriller. Guy Ritchie and the studio knew what they were doing when they were paying close enough attention to the little details of Wrath of Man.

The sound team also did a fantastic job, making this one of my favorite scores since The Social Network first came out. It sounds loud and proud the whole damn time and screams to be seen on the biggest screen possible. Also, the tension the score gives off makes you with Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie should make a legit horror movie in the future because man this has the feel of one.

When it comes to the scene stealers as the previously mentioned Josh Hartnett, you got Holt McCallany as Bullet proves he has movie star capability. You got Scott Eastwood finally in a meaty role he can chew into that is not dense like his Pacific Rim: Uprising character was. Fan favorite Jeffrey Donovan absolutely crushes it as Jackson. However, this movie is still not perfect as the editing has a misstep towards the end.

It would be a huge spoiler if I mention what exactly happens with the editing misstep that seemed to be overlooked by everyone involved and just slipped by the studio and Guy Ritchie. Once you see the film and notice what I’m talking about, you will giggle to yourself a little bit, as if it is almost backwards acting.

Overall, Wrath Of Man is a great action thriller that should get a lot of people back to theaters especially if they feel comfortable after getting vaccinated. Myself I am still giving that experience some time before I go back, but if you have been back by now this is the summer blockbuster we’ve been waiting for.

Grade: 4.5/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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