Initiation interview with director John Berardo

Last week we got to talk with the new Saban films movie called Initiation a new slasher film centered around college students and we discuss casting choices inspirations for the film and College Slashers as a whole dating back to the original College Slasher classic Black Christmas(1974)

AJ: How did you get involved with this project?

John:Well, it began as a short film at usc call to action on Facebook privacy settings because we had to basically pitch a film to speak on a subject matter that was important to us or that spoke to us and it was crazy making this from a short film. Getting it played in festivals, then that got it started on gaining traction through the financing stage.

AJ: What different story did you want to tell in the college slasher because this a troupe that goes all the way back to the original Black Christmas.

John: Yeah, I’m so glad you brought up Black Christmas because that’s a huge deal to this college slasher that has taken a live to becoming its own genre so to speak. I believe there’s a stereotype to college slasher I wanted to make a movie that flipped that. I think we did that very well in Initiation that a lot of fans of this genre will enjoy how we switched that.

AJ: What was the casting process like, because obviously kids have to be believable as college students to really grasp your audience.

John: Oh yeah, I obsessed over casting. Because like you said it has to be believable when it comes to college kids and wanting to feel connected to the audience in that regard, because it can be a turn off if you don’t know what you want

AJ: What was it like casting and working with Louchlyn Munro on this because he’s know for Scary Movie, but you got him playing it straight here.

John: Yeah, I’m glad you brought him up as well. My casting director and producer knew him personally, and once we got him on board we knew the direction of the film we wanted to take it to that next level and having him on here and growing up on Scary Movie as well. He helped add gravitas to the film also and was amazing throughout the days he was on set and a truly great presence.

AJ: Well John, thanks so much for joining us today it’s been really fun and congratulations on Initiation

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