Chris Baugh interview for Boys From County Hell

This week we got to chat with the director of Boys From County Hell and talk about how long he’s been involved with the project, shudder, and the inspiration of casting choices and for the film itself.

AJ: How long have you been involved with Boys From County Hell, because you’re both the director and writer of it?

Chris: Well, probably came up with the idea 8 years ago something like that wrote the first couple rough drafts and tried to get it produced but it was difficult
in that part of my career so we did a short film to try and see if people would budge on the bait a little bit. So we ended up writing a feature called A Bad Day For The Cut which was my first feature
then we started on this which was probably a good career move for me at the time.

AJ: The scenery looks really tight the way it was shot made it almost look like a western feel to it. Was that an idea you had to make it feel like a Vampire Western at times?

Chris: Oh Yeah, 100 percent. That was one of our reference points to have wide lenses and wide scenery and our colored pallet in the daytime set in Ireland with the mast cravis Cowboys of all time.

AJ: Right, and you got a lot of comedic elements to this film so how did that come about? Casting everyone in this film because they all bounce off each other very well in this.

Chris: I obsessed over casting in this for a very long time. Spent a lot of time and met a lot of different people, read and have read people together and it mainly comes down to instinct on making the call
on each and every role and luckily I feel like I picked the right people. We Did a little rehearsal with the people but not much there was
one big table read and that was really it. That was a lot of fun between seeing how it translated on film was a big thing to us.

AJ: Right, and with this streaming day and age we’re really in the golden age of streaming. So, how did it feel like having someone like Shudder pick this up?

Chris: Very exciting, couldn’t have found a better film, I subscribe to Shudder and love their content and a lot of people on their network is very exciting to see a lot more people being able to check this out
is something we love and the guys over at Shudder have been fantastic to us.

AJ: Again, going back to Boys from County Hell, the third act was very tense and really impressive. Was it really difficult to pull that off as this being a low budget.

Chris: It was a low budget, I knew I wanted to make the third act to make it as big as possible with the structure i had and dealing with this monster and whenever it came to figure out to pulling it off was all due to prep
and dealing with horror sequences with working with the same team for years we prep everything to the pelt before we start shooting. John Lesley went above and beyond to make the production design incredible and go above and beyond for what the budget should have allowed.

AJ: Did you have any inspiration for this film while shooting?

Chris: It was an Irish film starring Brendan Gleeson called It Went Down and he’s so hilariously funny in it and I was blown away to see a huge thing filmed here because I’ve never seen anything like that before and that was the key thing for me.
That was the jumping off point for me to see and try to do something like that.

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