Painkiller interviews- Bill Oberst Jr & Michael Pare!

We recently got to sit down with two legendary genre actors in Michael Pare(Streets of Fire and John Fallon’s The Shelter) and Bill Oberst Jr. We got to talk about how they got involved with Painkiller and their thoughts on a very touchy subject with the opioid crisis.

AJ: So what got you two involved with Painkiller

Bill: What got me interested, is that Mark Savage asked me to do it… I respect the hell out of Mark. Everytime he comes to me with a project it’s weird and controversial with a lot of bite to it so I’m always up for something he does because he is one of my favorite directorial people.

Michael Pare: Yeah, I’m also a fan of Savage’s stuff, the subject matter is a very important issue that no one really wants to talk about. The prescription is outraged by the way the regulations on other medications are more strict other than opioids. It’s a very serious topic.

AJ: Yeah, I’m the same way with my medication as well with my medication for my JME(Juvenile Myoclonic epilepsy) And Bill in this movie you’re kinda the Charles Bronson type in the opioid crisis so what were some of your inspirations for this performance?

Bill: I really appreciate the comparison to Bronson because I love those movies as well as Bronson—– It’s also a revenge fantasy, its nothing I would do in real life of course what hard was for me was the vigilante part of because he’s taking own lifes in his own hand like he’s playing God and seeing how the far the circle in a revenge flick it works

AJ: And Michael, you played the Doctor in this did you do any kind of research on the Opioid crisis to prepare for this role?

Michael Pare: Well, you heard my first answer so yeah i did some research its all heartlessness and greediness and control all the lowest of the low that people can manufacture there’s a big fraction of the human race that are predators and it’s all imagination for my research and like Bill was saying it just takes a little imagination to pull the trigger on somebody but thats what makes the movie work.

AJ: This goes to both of you . It kinda felt a passion project. I don’t know if you guys have had the chance to watch the finished product yet. How was it on set around everybody?

Bill: Well I’ll start on that because our Tom Parnell lost his son to opiod and that was the catalyst to the script and we were living it all on set feeling what he felt and it was all in front of us.

Michael Pare: I’ve known some people who’ve died from Opioid so that’s where the passion for me comes in for this film and to be a part of it.

Written By: AJ Friar

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