Mortal Kombat review- Enjoyable yet flawed video game adaptation

Here we finally are, with the much hyped about reboot(not remake… stop saying that). It is a great solid time. I wish it came at a time where movie going was still a thing because the CGI effects were brilliantly done.

The main gripe I have with this take on Mortal Kombat is the narrative seems like it’s aimed towards tweens while they have adult sequenced ultra gore. It’s kinda like an R-Rated comedy when you have to be 13 to appreciate the humor but 18 to see it. Same flaws are here throughout Mortal Kombat. However, I did enjoy it a lot more than I was going in expecting. A lot of the Sub-Zero effects would be tailor made for 4DX.

The main actors did a decent enough job to keep it from stumbling over the thin script and plot. If you suspend believe and lower your grading scale because it is a video game adaptation and those are typically weak to begin with. Mortal Kombat in my opinion is one of the better video game adaptations around the top tier with Sonic The Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu.

I think most genre fans will have a great time with this reboot if they open their mind to have a good time and let their nostalgia go from the originals. The gore is fantastic.

Overall grade: 3/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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