The Mortuary Collection DVD review

The Mortuary Collection dvd is a bit of a mixed bag to begin with, the movie itself is one of the best horror anthologies that RLJE and Shudder has distributed so far. The main problem with this dvd is the video transfer and the special features.

There is about 2 hours worth of special features on the dvd itself, however, it’s a bunch of stuff that highlights things that you can find on IMDB. For instance, there’s special features that highlight the directors, screenwriters, visual effects team, actors, etc… That’s why I think the special features aren’t that great and only 5 minutes of deleted scenes is what I call the true special features.

The video transfer comes in at 480i, I myself have gotten used to 1080p and 4K over the years when I first got into 4K, it was tough watching something in SD, often coming off as blurry. The audio in Dolby Digital was the main highlight of the dvd transfer as it often sounded great and never missed a beat in that department.

Overall grade: 2/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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