Ellora Torchia interview for’In The Earth’

Last week we got the chance to interview Ellora Torchia for her part in the new outbreak science fiction horror film called ‘In The Earth’ which the first great outbreak movie of the COVID-19 era. It’s really fascinating to hear what she thought about reading the script in these times we currently live in.

AJ: Hey Ellora thank you for joining us at Infamous Horrors today.

Ellora: Hey, thanks for having me!

AJ: So, In The Earth is an interesting movie to take on during these times. What Ben Wheatley did here was sophisticated and smart, when something like this could easily come off as crass… How was your reaction to reading the script? Or did you have any of that in the back of your head?

Ellora: Yeah, you know that’s such a great question. I knew it wouldn’t come off as being crass since I got to read the script I knew what Ben wanted to do with it. How people perceive is the thing I think with what you mentioned about the times we live in.

AJ: Your role especially was written with real depth and seemed like a complicated character to pull off. What helped you kinda get that performance?

Ellora: Well, it was collaborating with Ben Wheatley again, he knew what he wanted the characters to do so it was very easy for us to create the vision he had and the cast also bounced off each other very well, even though we didn’t know each other at the beginning. While filming for months and months we sorta became like a family so it was great.

AJ: Oh wow, that must’ve been cool, another thing I wanna bring up is the psychedelic visuals which would play so well on a big screen. If people do have a cinema-safe theater I would recommend them seeing this movie that way. Only if they feel comfortable doing so however.

Ellora: Yes, well if it makes you feel any better I didn’t get to see it on the big screen I got to watch it on my laptop and loved how the visuals came out and you’re right it would be so much on a bigger screen to see the full scope of what Ben Wheatley intended for ‘In The Earth’

AJ: Well Ellora, thank you so much again for joining us today it was really fun talking to you and I can’t wait for more people to see ‘In The Earth’

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