Malin Barr interview for Honeydew

Recently we got to interview the star of Honeydew Malin Barr and we had a blast getting to know what she thought of the whole lowdown of the filming process of Honeydew.

AJ: Hey Malin, thanks for joining us at Infamous Horrors today.

Malin: Hey, thanks for having me.

AJ: So what sold you on Honeydew and got you to sign on to the project?

Malin: Well, my agent had sent me this script and while reading it I was blown away by the characters that Devereux Milburn came up with and especially the protagonist in the film I was laughing so much reading the script because of the dialogue and how she handled the situation were darkly comedic and it was fantastic reading how things unfolded. I honestly couldn’t put it down and I said “I really want to be apart of this”

AJ: Oh wow, that’s amazing. Let’s talk about working Sawyer Spielberg and Barbara Kingsley because they were both fantastic in the film as well.

Malin: YES OMG, Sawyer was amazing you couldn’t tell this was his acting debut every decision he made was amazing and having Barbara as Karen it was electrifying to watch her portray the antagonist of the film in a stunning way it was honestly an amazing experience.

AJ: Also while you were acting in Honeydew was there any difficult scenes that you had to film?

Malin: Yes, one in particular. There was a night where it was really cold outside and I was on the pole… I don’t know if you’ve seen what I’m talking about but it was cold and I had to stay on the pole and it was tense to shoot that scene.

AJ: Well Malin, thanks so much for joining me today it was really fun talking to you and congratulations on Honeydew.

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