Barbara Kingsley interview for Honeydew

Last week we got to sit down with a couple of the stars of the new horror movie called “Honeydew”

HONEYDEW will be available On Demand, Digital and DVD on April 13, 2021.

Barbara Kingsley as Karen

AJ: Hey Barbara, what peaked your interest in ‘Honeydew’?

Barbara: Well, honestly for me it was the script and the team involved. This was also my first feature film I acted in. I’m mainly a stage actor so at first I wasn’t sure about taking the role. I really am glad I decided to take the role because I don’t to wonder if I didn’t do what could have been or anything but I finally did a feature film and it was fantastic.

AJ: Wow, that’s interesting and with this being a horror movie as your first and like you said it’s kinda a late chapter in your career. This performance you gave could be a future icon. Did you give that any thought before going on set?

Barbara: Not really, there were somethings I think I would have done differently with my knowledge I have now with being in a feature film. You probably know more about the genre stuff than I do. It is really cool to have my friends say hey you’re famous you did that movie ‘Honedew’

AJ: Let’s talk about working the cast a little bit, because they were all terrific.

Barbara: Yeah, absolutely they were terrific working together with seeing how Sawyer Spielberg was on set and he was a real pro with this project and the direction he took his character was great along with Malin and everyone else was just so incredible having this being my first experience on a set like this.

AJ: Well, Barbara thank you so much for joining me today it was really nice talking to you and congratulations on Honeydew

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