Held review- A tense thriller that should be seen on the big screen

Held is a relentless thriller from the creators of The Gallows and The Gallows pt 2, it’s a great step forward for Chris and Travis. As I wasn’t a fan of their found footage affair, I’m not a fan of that genre except far a rare occasion. Held is also much more grounded in character development and plot.

I was taken aback by how well made Held was, I was skeptical at first because it looked like the typical run of the mill home invasion genre and those all feel the same to me aside from Hush. However, when the plot started to unfold it became much more than what meets the eye.

This is one of those movies I do think would benefit pre-pandemic era and having it on the big screen in a sold out showing with people saying “Wtf was that” would be a great experience. Jill Awbrey did a fantastic job writing the script because it was so tense and great at capturing the moment.

This is by far Chris and Travis’ best film to date and the performances they got from their actors were exceptional. I’m excited to see what Chris and Travis have in store and do more outside the box movies like Held.

Overall grade: 4/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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