Them review- tense performances stuck in a soap opera

Those who didn’t enjoy the take WandaVision took with the sitcom approach definitely won’t like Them at all. Even though both are totally different genres and shows. Them just feels like a watered down version of Get Out and The Stepford Wives and never lives up to its statement it’s trying to tell.

However, the highlight of the series is easily Alison Pill. Without her gravitas in the series it would be unwatchable and that hurts me to say because I was beyond stoked for Them at SXSW and for it to arrive on Amazon Prime. It just never did fully deliver in the first four episodes I reviewed.

What makes the subplots of The Stepford Wives and Get Out so great is that they’re fresh takes and it’s political message aren’t in your face as it is in “Them” this is one of the main reasons I couldn’t get into Okja when that came out as well even though the visuals were stunning like they are in “Them” it also has too many flaws to count.

At one point I even took my laptop to my bedroom while watching Them because I could barely keep my eyes open for episodes 3&4. I really don’t want to take time to just diss the show for it did have powerful acting, the writing and directing were just too stale to maintain focus.

Overall grade: 1/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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