South by Southwest wrap up for 2021

We at Infamous Horrors had a blast covering this year’s SXSW for the first time in our sites history. There was some great midnight selections. However, the short films really shined this year. Surprisingly with some well known actors as well.

First off my favorite feature film of SXSW was The Spine of The Night, featuring Lucy Lawless, Patton Oswalt, and many more genre cult favorites. My favorite short film would have to be Love is Just a Death Away which is like a love child of dark anime and Tim Burton early animation like his Frankenweine short film.

Patton Oswalt in The Spine of Night

Sasquatch would have to be my favorite documentary/true crime series at SXSW and they had another great documentary series Confronting A a serial Killer which is sure to be a crowd pleaser when it airs on Starz. Clerk was also a nice documentary on Kevin Smith but if you’ve been following his career it’s much of the same and not really noteworthy.

Swan Song is another feature film starring genre icon Udo Keir in a very different role playing a aging gay man and he is absolutely lovable in the role along side Jennifer Coolidge in a somber role for once. The Feast may have been my least favorite film not because of its quality, but because of the art house foreign aspect was hard to keep up with.

The most disappointing part of SXSW was the Amazon series Them, which is DOA its as if Get Out went into a soap opera world and fails on every level. Hopefully the second half of the season picks up. However, HBO Max’s new series Made For Love is a real keeper be on the lookout for that.

Here are my list of my favorite short films from SXSW:

The Other Morgan

Love is a Death Away


Nuevo Rico

Learning Tagalong With Kayla

Don’t Peak

The Thing That Ate The Birds


Written By: AJ Friar

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