Resident Evil reboot movie coming to cinemas September 3rd!!

During an interview with IGN for SXSW the director of the upcoming Resident Evil reboot confirmed the title of the movie “Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City” it will be a new origin story that will come back to theaters which is a surprising move knowing the pandemic is still going on but I’m sure the studios are all tired from shifting dates around countless times.

Welcome to Raccoon City includes a lot of names known to the fans and involved directly with the events of the first two games of the main franchise, such as Chris Redfield (Robbie Amell), Jill Valentine (Hannah John-Kamen), Albert Wesker (Tom Hopper), Leon S. Kennedy (Avan Jogia), Claire Redfield (Kaya Scodelario) and Ada Wong (Lily Gao).

Also a new Resident Evil game is coming out in May so this is a helluva time to be alive for Resident Evil fans. Along with a Netflix series! If that is anything like their take on Castlevania you can count me in!

So what do you think of all this Resident Evil news? Are you excited for it all?

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