A Hard Problem-2021 Review


After the death of his mother, Ian must pack up the house where he cared for her in her waning years. A strained relationship between him and his sister leads Ian to discover there are complicated circumstances behind the life he didn’t realize he was living.


Whew, now this is an interesting science fiction that is very cerebral. It may be a bit slow moving for some. The acting however, should keep most of you glued to the screen as Johnny Berchtold gives a fascinating breakthrough performance, that is similar to Asa Butterfeild in Enders Game. Not that these two movies are similar, that’s just who he reminded me off while watching his performance.

Catherine Haena Kim, is also fantastic in her role and it’s because of these two actors that the film is elevated way above mediocre, if it wasn’t for the cast it may have been a stale take on the subject.

Overall I had a good time watching this one, I don’t think it calls for multiple watches and viewings. However, it is very satisfying to watch amongst the films at this year’s Cinequest Film Festival.

Overall grade: 3/5 stars

Written By AJ Friar

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