Made For Love episodes 1-4 review SXSW 2021 review

One of my favorite series premiering at South by South West film festival is the new HBO Max series called Made For Love which is a mind bending science fiction look at love. Based on the book under the same name

The series so far is wonderful, with batshit crazy technology that if you’ve seen the trailer for the show an invented creates a chip to implant in people that will allow them to always keep an eye on their lover. You may ask yourself why are we covering this as the trailer really shows it off as a pure comedy.

However, the series is much more complicated than that and has surprisingly depth within its characters even the ones you’re supposed to hate or even feel sorry for like the terrific role Ray Romano has which is his best work since the series “Men of A Certain Age”.

If you’re into science fiction comedy series then Made For Love will be right up your alley and I highly encourage you to take a journey with it when it premieres on HBO Max for it does have a sleuth of great actors on the show.

Overall grade: 5/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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