The Feast interview SXSW 2021 with Roger Williams and Lee Haven Jones

We also got a special look at the midnight selection film called The Feast at this year’s SXSW and spoke with the writer and director of the film. Hope you enjoy the interview.

AJ: So, How did The Feast come about?

Roger Williams and Lee Haven Jones: Working together for a number of years television short film, and short film in Argentina together. We wanted to shoot a horror film around the world What kinda of horror film it would be European art house type so we knew exactly the story we wanted to tell.

AJ: How was the writing process like, because this film takes a lot of turns and is very complicated in character depth.

Roger Williams and Lee Haven Jones: The actual process of writing was so quick we know each other quite well a lot of conversations of what we we wanted to say and who is a family living in a particular place and drifted very far away from morals Driven with tension about modern dysfunctional families and isolated people who this is all they know.

AJ: Also, the casting because everyone was so great in their respective roles.

Roger Williams and Lee Haven Jones: Casting was quite easy the talent here is relatively small and we worked with the mother on quite a number of projects. The brothers were a bit of a draw to see who would match up
We make a lot of drama tv in whales and it’s funny in a small town like Whales everyone already knows each other within the business so the majority of the casting was pretty seamless and easy.

AJ: What drew you guys to take on horror in particular especially with the third act being so brutal?

Roger Williams and Lee Haven Jones: Its a hell of a lot of fun to shoot horror as much as it is to watch watching blood splatter everywhere the violence is implied violence and we don’t see that much violence on screen but at the same time you’re right it’s brutal buts it’s implied like the way Hitchcock used to do it.

AJ: What were some of your favorite horror films that influenced you as filmmakers?

Roger Williams and Lee Haven Jones: I wouldn’t necessarily say I am a horror fan, however, I think all the films Hitchcock did and it’s implied violence delivers more of a potent experience to go to as for me I try to a-shoo inspiration I try to kinda spread the net to gather. Under The Skin elevated horror that is violent and potent that also had a political message and Peter Strickland That isn’t forced and still so powerful are the kind of films I enjoy to watch.

AJ: Well, thank you guys for joining me at Infamous Horrors today it’s been really fun talking with you.

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