The Hunt For Planet B(Infamous Horrors takes a trip to SXSW) review

We’re currently covering South By Southwest, so we’re doing a special editorial review coverage that wouldn’t necessarily be our everyday coverage for Infamous Horrors but we are so thankful to be covering this legendary festival. Here is our first review for a documentary.


THE HUNT FOR PLANET B captures the human drama behind NASA’s new high-stakes Webb Telescope, the largest and most complex space observatory ever built. The film interweaves the creation of this massive machine with the story of a pioneering group of female scientists who plan to use it in their search for life beyond our solar system. Now they are on the brink of answering a question that has haunted us for millennia: are we alone in the universe? This is a character-driven documentary in the style of Kahn’s Oscar-nominated My Architect and his Emmy nominated The Price of Everything. This time it coincides with a major news story, with the much-anticipated Webb Telescope finally being launched into space in October. Webb promises to be the space-science event of the decade—and THE HUNT FOR PLANET B tells the gripping human story behind it.


The documentary in my opinion moved rather slowly, as if it were made for PBS or an education channel program. Many of the films you would watch in middle school classes come to mind when thinking of how to look at The Hunt for Planet B.

It wasn’t groundbreaking or that engaging also, it’s nothing like Apollo 11 or Framing John Delorian as far as documentaries go. I think it’s safe to say you should do your own research on the subject and you may have more fun.

In the end this isn’t a great viewing and one the lower end of SXSW viewing experiences I’ve had this far covering the festival.

Overall grade: 1/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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