Old man leatherface? Fede Alvarez confirms new Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a direct sequel

We got some exciting news brought to us via Bloody Disgusting first look at the new TCM movie will be a direct sequel and will feature a 60 year old Leatherface.

How do we feel about it being a “direct sequel”? When we’ve had so many attempts at a direct sequel before and I myself love Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 with Bill Mosley. Also grew on The Next Generation with how bad it is it made it good.

David Blue Garcia is directing the new version for Legendary Pictures Chris Thomas Delvin wrote the script they finished filming last year.

Fede also spoke on the BD Podcast and said they’re approaching it the same way they did with Evil Dead with practical effects, which makes me happy to hear that.

If you didn’t know Leatherface is loosely based on the serial killer Ed Gein if you wanted to do a little research.

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