Happily Review


After 14 years of marriage, Tom and Janet still can’t keep their hands off each other. When they discover their friends are resentful of their constant public displays of affection, the couple start to question the loyalty of everyone around them. Then, a visit from a mysterious stranger thrusts them into an existential crisis, leading to a dead body, a lot of questions and a very tense vacation.

Happily is a killer dark comedic fun time with a lot of comedic actors on the top of their game including a scene stealing Paul Scheer and Charlyne Yi who is absolutely hilarious as always even if it is a bit part she knocks it out of the park!

It has a pretty simple plot that boosted by stellar mind fucks of science fiction that is David Lynch esque. Sometimes Joel McHale can be a tad one note, here in Happily he really commands the screen and has terrific chemistry with Kerry Bishe and the underrated hilarious Natalie Zae. Breckin Meyer is unrecognizable as Richard and is low key the best part of Happily and should do more roles like Richard.

Now for the most underrated character actor of all time Stephen Root absolutely crushed the movie as the weird Goodman and man is he good… Stephen never disappoints the screen and even though he probably only has about 20 minutes of screen time here he is fantastic.

Happily isn’t exactly horror per say, but it is for the fans of movies like The Hunt and Thoroughbreds it fits in the lines of sub genre fair like The Stepford Wives where if you don’t fall in line you get the boot. It’s a hilariously dark comedic time that requires multiple viewing because you will miss so much from laughter the first time.

Overall grade: 3.5/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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