Lucky(Shudder) review

Synopsis: Life takes a sudden turn for May, a popular self-help book author, when she finds herself the target of a mysterious man with murderous intentions. Every night, without fail he comes after her, and every day the people around her barely seem to notice.


Lucky is a tricky movie to take on, I’m a little late on this review and hopefully many of you have seen it by now and this won’t be a spoiler review. If you haven’t seen it read it at you’re own risk.

It’s similar to HappyDeathDay in a way that a killer keeps returning to kill the main female character, however, you don’t know if she’s in a time loop or a dream fever or what. What I can say I loved about Lucky is the acting by everyone is solid.

Especially the writer and star Brea Grant as Meg Ryder may be the best role I’ve seen her in yet after the harrowing 12 Hour Shift. This is much more accessible for a wider audience. Lucky also delivers in the darkly comedic tone, especially when some of the cast ironically breaks into a song.

Yes, Lucky is way out there at times. Overall, Lucky is sublime in its nature and is an overachiever for the most part.

Overall grade: 3/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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