Cosmic Sin review

Well, well, well… We got another science fiction straight to VOD thriller starring Bruce Willis, at least this one is in the top tier of his straight to VOD affair as of late even though that bar isn’t necessarily high at all. This film was mainly boosted by Frank Grillo’s presence.

Bruce Willis in Cosmic Sin

The script was poorly written, wrought with underdeveloped characters and backstories. The one cool thing in this movie was to see Bruce and Frank together, as Frank is taking on the action roles we grew to love Bruce for. So we got new Bruce(Frank Grillo) and Bruce Willis acting side-by-side.

The production of the set designs shined in Cosmic Sin along with the VFX, that’s about all I can say stood out to me, but if you’re looking for mind blowing entertainment, Cosmic Sin isn’t it.

Edward Drake is a great director and a cool guy, hopefully this will be a stepping stone to a better project and a more developed script in the future.

Overall grade: 2/5 stars

Written By: AJ Friar

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