Sons of Anarchy creator gets director debut with Blumhouse

Kurt Sutter, creator of the groundbreaking hit FX series Sons of Anarchy that made Charlie Hunnam(Judd Apatow’s Undeclared) a household name before he became an A-List star in the movies most notably as Guy Ritchie’s new go to.

Deadline had a first look at the plot of the film:

An 18th century English village is besieged by a mysterious and elusive beast. Dozens of innocents are slaughtered and the mayhem is driven to puritanical heights by religious fanaticism. The impossible task of killing the beast falls to a lowly trapper who promises he can stop the carnage. But for him this hunt is not a professional mission, it’s a deeply personal one. The idea was inspired by The Beast of Gévaudan, a true story about a mysterious beast that terrorized a French village in the 1760s.

Sutter said in a statement working with Blumhouse “bringing my disturbing sensibility story into the world of Blumhouse world just seemed like a perfect fit”

More to come as news and casting comes available.

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