Luke David Blumm interview for Son

Recently, I got to talk with the star of Son, Luke David Blumm who also starred opposite of Pete Davidson and Bill Burr in Judd Apatow’s standout hit The King Of Staten Island.

AJ: Hi Luke, thank you so much for joining us at Infamous Horrors today.

Luke: Thank you for having me.

AJ: So, what got you interested in becoming a part of the movie Son?

Luke: Well, ever since I got into acting, I knew I wanted to be in a horror movie. So when I read the script and met Ivan I knew this would be the perfect horror movie for me to join.

AJ: Also, how was it like working with Emile Hirsch? He was also a child actor if I remember correctly, did he give you any advice on the set?

Luke: Emile was terrific to work with on set he was always kind to me off set as well, as far as advice he never really gave me any, but I would love to work with him again.

AJ: How was it like working with Andi Matichak? Because she was so great as your mom in Son.

Luke: Yeah, actually she’s wonderful and really nice. I just got off the phone with her earlier today she gave me advice on how to answer these questions and is so nice.

AJ: Well, thank you again for joining me today Luke. It’s been fun, and congratulations on Son and have a great weekend.

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