Ivan Kavanagh interview for Son

We at Infamous Horrors recently got to sit down with the director of the horror film Son Ivan Kavanagh. Hope you all enjoy the interview!

AJ: How was it like casting the mother and son for this movie, the plot depends on them so much?

Ivan: Difficult, both mother son bond very primal very different from father son bonding, so they had to keep up with each other on screen and the casting process for that paid off.

AJ: Also how was it like getting Emile playing the detective? This is a role he’s never done and he nails it.

Ivan: Worked with Emile before and said I’m doing another film, he told me after our previous film if I’m writing anything let him know. He loved the part of detective Paul and he had a blast with the character and he’s almost too nice to his characters fault because he can’t say no to people.

AJ: How was it creating the tension and atmosphere you could tell how impressive it was watching the film:

Ivan: That’s why I love I horror so much you can create and it also control it from each angle of the price and hyper the tension that way Wanted icky dirty look to the walls I spent a ton of time editing the sound and it was amazing to see it all play out.

AJ: How was it like working with the composers for the music? The music acted as its own monster in the background for Son.

Ivan: When I’m writing the script I’m hearing the music around me so I know the type of sounds to know with the dialogue, it was great collaborative effort with the composer who was so fantastic on capturing the right sound for Son.

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