Come True review


Plagued by nightmares, a troubled teenager signs up to a sleep disorder study. Hoping that will finally stop her sinister dreams, she unknowingly becomes the channel to a horrifying new discovery.


Come True is already in early contention for best science fiction horror film of the year. At least it’s my kinda psychological science fiction film that has weird enough themes to keep me intrigued and the score by Electric Youth should be nominated for a lot of awards in the upcoming year.

Julia Sarah Stone gives a commanding and demanding performance as the lead in this mind blowing science fiction film that you have to see to believe. In my opinion, Come True is what The New Mutants tried so hard to be and tried to accomplish.

Anthony Scott Burns also does a fantastic job directing, creating atmosphere and tension. While keeping the monsters at bay, because if they focused too much on the monsters with the budget they had, it may have looked laughable and downgraded the film quite a bit.

Overall grade: 4/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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