Paramount+ Adds Pet Sematary prequel and Paranormal Activity movies along with a Halo series

Whew, Paramount+ loaded a lot of news upon the internet yesterday that stunned quite a few people including a new prequel for the Pet Sematary remake that recently came, though I didn’t flat out love it, I don’t loathe it like most.

They also noted that new Paranormal Activity movies will be coming to Paramount+ which makes sense in a lot of ways, if they’re not sure if a lot of movies will be a box office smash why not send them to streaming service that’ll need content.

Also we learned about their new 45 day windows for movies including highly anticipated A Quiet Place 2, Mission Impossible 7, Top Gun: Maverick. This is pretty huge news for the industry.

What do you think of all the Paramount+ news?

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