Safer at Home interview- Will Wernick

Last week, we got the opportunity to speak with the director of the new movie Safer at Home. Will Wernick whom we also got to speak with for his previous movie No Escape.

AJ: Hey Will, so how did Safer at Home come about?

Will: It came about organically all in lockdown in La and strange conversation with friends and family. Just to see how far we would take this if these events actually happened so it was interesting to direct Safer at Home this way.

AJ: What got you interested in filming a movie in this style like Zoom?

Will: Not a fan of zoom but having to deal with the technology a little bit. Especially during lockdown, I never heard until Zoom until recently. Wanted to make it make feel cinematic and the actors were able to see each other over zoom , which made it really easy on us with the lighting aspects of it and everything.

AJ: How was the casting process for Safer at Home?

Will: Early on we wanted to work with people we knew and what was happening to them because of what was happening in the movie was happening in real life dealing with the lockdown. So we just wanted people we’ve known for a while on Safer at Home.

AJ: Was it easier or more difficult to film with Zoom?

Will: I thought it was gonna be simpler but then we had four or five angles and five takes and it twice the time editing because of all the angles we had to deal with so I would say a little bit more difficult than normal.

AJ: Did you see any other previous Zoom shot movies, where it got you to say okay, I can try a hand at this?

Will: I had seen unfriended, hardcore Henry and Searching wanted to make it feel like a god complex style of movie with what was going on in the movie, and it was really interesting to see the finished product of it.

AJ: If you had to choose, to do a sequel to No Escape or Safer at Home which one could you see yourself doing?

Will: I think no escape for a sequel would be fun to do. Safer at home was interesting to make at this point but I don’t see myself going back to a zoom movie, it quite a headache working with that technology. So easily I would have to say No Escape especially now when it’s streaming and the response it’s gotten when more people have been able to view it at home.

Written by: AJ Friar

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