Dylan McTee interview for Wrong Turn reboot

Well everyone, this is our final interview for the Wrong Turn reboot the cast and director were awesome and amazing to speak with. I hope you enjoyed reading these interviews as much as I did doing them.

AJ: Hey Dylan, how are you doing today?

Dylan: I’m good AJ, thank you for having me.

AJ: So, Dylan, what got you interested in joining the Wrong Turn reboot?

Dylan: Well, when I was a kid the original Wrong Turn and it terrified me as a kid. I was blown away by what I was seeing, so I hopped on the opportunity to do the reboot.

AJ: That’s awesome, Adian said the same thing about Wrong Turn when I interviewed him yesterday.

Dylan: Oh no way!

AJ: Yeah, so were you a fan of horror films before you did the reboot of wrong turn?

Dylan: Yeah, absolutely, I loved stuff like The Exorcist, The Shinning, Black Swan was absolutely amazing. Movies like that always made a huge impact on me.

AJ: Well, Dylan, I’m at work right now so unfortunately I only have time for one more question.

Dylan: Awesome, let’s do it.

AJ: How was it like working with Mike on Wrong Turn?

Dylan: Oh man, he was awesome and just having Alan be back on writing the script because that doesn’t happen often when the original writer comes on and also writes the reboot it just like Heaven to the cast having those pros work on this vision and it was amazing.

Wrong Turn is available on VOD, Digital, DVD and Blu-ray February 23rd.

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