I Blame Society review-The Smartest Horror satire in years


The lines between art and real life begin to blur when an ambitious filmmaker realizes she’s good at getting away with murder.


I blame society is one of the smartest horror satires since the cult classic Behind The Mask. It’s uniquely shot from a POV angle that actually works and is never really shaky enough to make you motion sick like a lot of found footage films.

The acting in I Blame Society is top notch and makes it that much more fascinating with how it’s satirically written. Gillian Horvat does such a great job as her character Gillian, you know a horror movie is worth your time with the great Macon Blair is in it. He doesn’t waste his time with awful flicks.

Gillian Horvat is also a co writer on I Blame Society and also the director and does a stellar job knocking both out the park as the pacing and the witty jokes never lag. It’s the perfect satire for any horror fan, mainly if you’re a slasher fan and loved Behind The Mask. It’s worth buying.

Overall grade: 5/5 stars
Written By: AJ Friar

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